In 1983, We Created A Better Idea for Camping.

When Bill Hulsey, TrailManor's founder went looking for the ideal camper, he couldn't find it. So he created his own.

Hulsey, an engineer, wanted a trailer that towed easily and had the amenities--hardwall bathroom, permanent beds, extra space--of a traditional upright travel trailer. After a number of prototypes, the classic design of the TrailManor folding hardwall trailer--the design that built our company was born.

It was--and still is--different than anything in the marketplace. It's incredibly light and strong. You can tow a 30-foot TrailManor with a minivan, crossover, or small SUV, and it folds down to fit into a normal-sized garage.

It opens as easy as a car trunk, in less than two minutes. You can open it in the rain without the inside getting wet. And you can truly enjoy your vacation from the moment you leave home.

The folding design also had another benefit that many owners soon discovered: It's a great way to meet new friends. The folding TrailManor design is so unique that it became an instant conversation starter. And word spread quickly.

Today, there are thousands of TrailManors on the road, and plenty of local owner clubs that get together for rallies and good times. And TrailManor offers a wide range of floor plans to fit almost any need.

TrailManor is a better way to camp and vacation.




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